Raynor's Raiders [Up Next!]



Formed by former Mar Sara marshal and outlaw Jim Raynor after Mengk's betrayal, this coalition of rebels, mercenaries, and freedom fighters opposes tyranny in all of its forms.


The Raiders are used to taking on larger factions. With speed, determination, and a few hidden cards, the Raiders can wear down or hamstring the strongest of enemies before facing retaliation.



Once a Confederate Marshel on Mar Sara the upstart Jim Raynor has come to know both sides of the law. Jimmy is no stranger to hardship, having lost everything to the Zerg Swarm and Dominion alike. Despite his suffering, Raynor has proven his devotion to the people of the Korprulu time and again, rescuing refugees, overthrowing tyrants, and fighting the good fight.


Tychus (In Development)

An old war comrade of Raynor and one of the most notorious criminals in the sector, Tychus is one of the most experienced (and least graceful) killers around. There are few deals Mr. Findlay won't accept to get what he wants, or complete a mission.


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