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Once hated by their brothers for refusing the Khala, these individualistic warriors have saved their species through cunning and harnessing the powers of the Void.


Nerazim's nomadic culture emphasis tactics  based on mobility and stealth. The Dark Templar excel at assassinating high-profile targets, raiding strategic points, and ambushing. Their large toolkit and fluid tactics make them an advanced and demanding faction. 



Zeratul is the oldest surviving hero among the Protoss tribes. He slew the Cerebrates, witnessed the fall of the Overmind and Aiur, the betrayal of Kerrigan and reeled at the loss of his Matriarch. While his brethren turned their eyes on reclaiming Aiur and avenging their dead comrades, Zeratul's steady gaze has been fixed on a greater threat that hey cannot yet see. Denounced as mad or worse by traditionalist Nerazim and Khalai alike, Zeratul and his loyal followers have dedicated themselves to hunting this unseen enemy.


[Unknown Entity]

Data insufficient. Scanning...

Scanner readings abnorm...



>>shutting down

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