The heirs of the Protoss Empire and the founders of the Khala; the Khalai are fierce warriors who wield unmatched psionic power and advanced war-machines to crush their foes.


Khalai value strength and decisive action on the battlefield. To a true champion of the Khala, victory is the only truth that matters. Why deceive the enemy when one can destroy them? This straightforward strategy lends Khalai well to new players.


Fenix the Risen

No Khalai has given more to his people than the mighty Fenix, the only known Protoss to rise from the dead three times. After his defeat at the hands of Kerrigan at the Second Battle of Korhal, little remained of his Dragoon, and his body was never recovered. For five years, Fenix was a hallowed name and a bitter memory. That time has passed.

Snatched from the battle's chaos by Mengsk's elite operatives, Fenix's corpse was preserved and studied. The Dominion, eager to harness the Protoss's psionic power to further their Ghost program, subjected Fenix to a battery of tests and augmentations, preventing him from joining the Khala. After Arcturus Mengk's death, the hero of Auir has at last joined his brothers and sisters on the battlefield again.


Praetor Tabrenus

Once a stalwart supporter of the Conclave as the head of the Furinax Tribe, Tabrenus now serves as the right hand of Admiral Urun as Praetor and oversees all elite ground operations. His position is well-earned as it was his tribe who engineered the many ships in the Golden Armada.

Tabrenus has seen the loss of his homeworld, and though he is distrustful of his Nerazim brethren, he will do anything to cleanse Auir and rebuild his lost Empire.


Tech Tree

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