Kerrigan's Swarm



Unbound by directives or instinct, the Queen of Blades has transformed the Zerg Swarm into an unprecedented threat. After the routing of the UED Fleet and the Sacking of Korhal, no army will dispute Kerrigan's power again.


With the cultivation of hardier strains, Kerrigan's Swarm values heavy aggression and ambush tactics. This versatility is magnified with the leadership of a Broodmother or the Queen Herself, and suffers in her absence. 


Kerrigan, Queen of Blades

A monster to many, a savior to the Swarm, and the most feared power in the Kroprulu Sector, Kerrigan occupies a unique space. 

After forging herself into the ultimate weapon and slaying her hated enemy Arcturus, the Queen of Blades has turned her attention to the silent antagonists that have undermined or manipulated her at every turn: Amon and his servants.



Kerrigan's first conquest and first disciple after her defeat on Char, Zagara has grown to become the most ruthless Zerg tactician since the Overmind's dreaded Cerebrates. Zagara is quick to learn from any victory or defeat, and has used her enhancements to better herself and her brood alike. Perhaps, in time, she will displace Kerrigan as the true Queen of the Swarm.

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