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Vanguard is accessible like no competitive RTS before. Where traditional RTS games like StarCraft are famous for their steep learning curve, Vanguard makes it easy to hop in and play with friends. Vanguard replaces rote tasks in favor of strategic decisions, fine unit control, and teamwork. Players across skill levels can band together and smash armies. Games don’t end over a single bad fight.


Like all leading esports, Vanguard is built with team play in mind. Vanguard’s design features an arsenal of factions, Commanders, and abilities for players to combine with their allies on the battlefield.  Team bases are unified, friendly fire is removed, and key resources claimed on the map are shared, creating a smooth and welcoming team experience.



Vanguard retains the depth of the Real Time Strategy Genre while replacing choiceless chores. With a 2v2 format and 6 factions enabling hundreds of possible competitions, Vanguard emphasis on strategic decisions and teamwork. It lowers the skill floor while maintaining the skill ceiling, hitting that ideal of being easy to learn, hard to master.

The Future of RTS

14 years ago, the Real Time Strategy genre forged esports in South Korea. Since then, esports has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Despite RTS’s superior viewing experience, games that were social, accessible, and free-to-play claimed the marketplace.  Many have attempted to make RTS more accessible by sacrificing the strategic depth that makes RTS great. 

Vanguard’s gameplay is built on combining accessibility and depth. To accomplish this, our design team has focused on reducing or removing repetitive macro tasks, while emphasizing strategy, teamwork, and army control. This  project has required four years of intense development with some of best talent in the StarCraft 2 community: StarBow, OneGoal, The Core, iNcontrolTV and JakatakTV. Passion and experience isn’t enough to ensure quality gameplay, which is why we have established and refined a powerful, iterative design process. Over the last four years, our team has scrapped thousands of working hours because the results did not sufficiently meet our standards. This relentless development and refusal to compromise has enabled the Vanguard team to accomplish something unprecedented: an accessible RTS without sacrificing depth. 

Don’t just take our word for it. To date, we have hosted two private invitationals for professional StarCraft 2 players including Morrow, Tails, Billowy, BeastyQT, QXC, Welmu, and Serral. With dozens of professional endorsements behind us, the Vanguard team is preparing for an array of exciting community events in the near future and beyond. Vanguard has entered its design beta, and is now open for play testing.