Faction System Overview


A faction determines the majority of the play experience. A commander modifies the user's spells and a few units, changing the feel of a faction.

Vanguard features 6 factions, with 6 functioning commanders and 6 more in the pipe.

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Raynor's Raiders

The Raiders have come a long way since their beginnings, having rallied a coalition of fringe and industrial worlds to their cause. Living rough and lean has made Raynor’s namesake quick, flexible, and ready to raise hell. When you roll with the Raiders, you always have a card to play.



Once and always a rebel with a heart of gold. James Raynor has spent most of his life as the underdog. Taking down corrupt governments, religious hegemonies, and ravenous aliens require a steady hand, a clear head, and a penchant for danger. Fortunately for The Bourbon Cowboy and his Raiders, he has more than plenty. Raynor favors fast moves and wild tricks to keep his enemies on their toes while his troops get the job done. 

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Forged from a dozen war-torn worlds, the Terran Dominion has risen to become a ruthless and efficient superpower. Within twenty years of its founding, the rising empire seized and annexed over a hundred worlds. This conquest was fueled and directed by a massive military industrial complex, legions of elite soldiers and operatives, and an endless array of terrifying siege weapons. As a commander of the Dominion, bury your enemies in hot iron and lead as you win through, no matter the cost!



An early supporter of Emperor Mensk and the most decorated general in Dominion History, Horace Warfield has served his Emperor with distinction and honor. Famous for his miraculous defence of the Tarus System, Warfield’s tactics represent the true strength of the dominion: the ruthless and relentless power of the industrial war machine. As Warfield, use devastating vehicles and munitions to turn the battlefield into a giant killzone, then deploy elite strike teams to compromise or finish of your weakened enemy.

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The Protoss Empire wields elite warriors and the Holy Khala to smite its foes. Khalai armies feature durable troops and powerful area attacks to crush armies on the open field. Bring glory to the Empire Executor, may Adun guide your hand!



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Once the Empire’s most trusted Praetor, Fenix’s unique deaths have elevated him to the highest realms of the Khala. Throughout his long life, Fenix has been charged with the conquest and suppression of countless worlds. To fulfill his sacred charge, The Paragon of the Khala has augmented his army to siege and defend territory.

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Known for their fierce independence and ruthless cunning, the Nerazim have carved out a sizable territory following their exile from Auir. Often outnumbered and divorced from the Khala’s power, the Nerazim wield the Void’s subtle and deadly energies to secure victory on the battlefield. May Adun hide you Prelate, so that you may better strike at your foes!



Revered by both Khalai and Nerazim for the slaying of Dagoth and Zaaz, Zeratul’s now leads an army of shadow warriors on a ruthless crusade across the Korprulu Sector. Wielding the full power of the Void, the Dark Prelate’s forces are deadly as they are unpredictable.

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Eternal Swarm

The scourge of countless worlds, few forces can withstand the wrath of the Eternal Swarm. Numberless and honed by eons of directed evolution, the Swarm’s warrior strains can cut through the most determined defense. Embrace your birthright and hold all of creation in your undying grasp!


The Overmind

The culmination of the Xel’Naga’s labor and the agent of their destruction, the Overmind is and forever remains, the center of the Eternal Swarm. Time and again, it has been slain by warriors and weapons, only to be reborn from its far flung cerebrates. Having gorged itself on the Kroprulu Sector, the Overmind seeks to finish what its creators started so long ago: Perfection.

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The Monarch Broods

Forged in the fires of the Brood Wars, Kerrigan's aims to secure her place in the sector have born deadly fruit: the Monarch Broods. Dangerous, unpredictable, and beholden to none but the Queen of Blades herself, these new strains represent a clear and present threat to all of the Sector’s great powers. Unlike the refined and ancient strains of the Eternal Swarm, the Monarch Broods are the product of rapid and self-propagating mutations designed to produce a myriad of self-sufficient and resourceful killers. Monarch hunters forgo the pristine efficiency of their ancestors in favor of versatility, allowing them to adapt to the ever-shifting battlefield. It is time to test your enemy’s resolve.



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The self-proclaimed “Queen Bitch of the Universe” has wasted no time since in securing her position since the Brood’s crushing victory at Char Aleph. Kerrigan’s triumph taught her that even great powers like the UED, Protoss Empire, and the Eternal Swarm are made vulnerable by their rigid structures and predictable tactics. Flexible and unpredictable strategies and warrior strains are at the core of Kerrigan’s success on the battlefield. Ambush and adapt to secure your crown as the Queen of Blades!

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