Choose Your Army

Dominion Tank and Marine line.png

Terran Dominion

Command the Sons of Korhal and bury your enemies in iron and lead. Hold the line as General Warfield or call down the thunder as Spec Ops. Nova. Win through, no matter the cost.

Faction Splash - Khala.jpg


Wield the Holy Khala to smite your foes. Let your cannons sing as the Immortal Fenix or direct the Golden Armada’s vengeance as Praetor Tabrenus. May Adun guide your hand! 


Eternal Swarm

Break your long silence and embrace your birthright. Assemble your Cerebrates, Resurrect your ancient strains, hold all of creation in your undying grip, for the Hour of Judgment is Come!


Raynor's Raiders

You’ve always got card to play when you roll with the Raiders. Call in favors as Jim Raynor or raise hell as Tycuss Findley. Go on, you’ve a score to settle.


Master the Void to outwit and slay your enemies. Drown the enemy in shadow as Prelate Zeratul or command Shakuran maelstroms as Vorazun. Let Darkness descend.

Kerrigan Transformation.png

The Feral Broods

Test your enemies resolve with all of Evolution’s fury. Master the process of adaptation as Abathur and harness your full potential as Broodmother Zagara. Become the dominant lifeform.