Dominion Overview



The Throne of the Mengsk Dynasty continues to endure the hardships of alien conflict in Terran space. The Dominion war-machine is vast as it is deadly, capable of burying any army in a rain of hot iron and lead.


The Dominion's War-Machine is made of many small interlocking pieces that can change its function from roving kill-teams to unshakable siege forces. An experienced Dominion commander understands what it takes to execute their advanced tactics.




General Warfield

A long standing protector of humanity and leader of men, General Horus Warfield is no stranger to combat. The "Hero of Torus" boasts a host of military campaigns against zerg and Terran alike, losing only to the resurgent Kerrigan at the Battle of Dauntless Plateau. Thought dead by many, Warfield has returned to serve Victorian Mengsk and safeguard the empire against alien and Terran threats alike.


Nova (In Development)

Born into the wealth of the dying Confederacy and forced to endure back-breaking hardships with exceptional Psionic talent, Nova Terra had the all of the marks of an elite operative. Nova surpassed these high expectations to become the greatest Ghost operative since Serra Kerrigan herself, a comparison she dislikes. 

A pragmatic and merciless servant of the Dominion, Nova now executes Valerian Mengsk's most sensitive operations without hesitation or remorse.



Tech Tree